Customer Testimonials


By Mr. M.L Kothari
Associate Vice President
Hindustan Zinc Limited.
27 March 2012

Hindustan Zinc Limited is world's largest Lead & Zinc producer with an annual production capacity of one million tonnes. By global standards, our operational efficiency is exemplary in our sector.

At HZL, for Lead-Zinc Mineral Mining, we encounter extreme duty conditions with respect to tyres for highly abrasive rock & ambient temperature exceeding 48 deg. However, as tyres are our key input we are very particular about achieving long life of our tyres.

Hence, in order to achieve an excellent level of operational performance, we have been partners with Radials International as our tyre consultant, supplier and on-site service provider. Our relationship is now in its 9th year.

In due course of time, Radials International has consistently improved the tyre performance. They have under their care at any time over 200 tyres of size 40 R 57, and 170 tyres of size 27 R 49 etc.

Additionally, they bring to us knowledge to assist and enhance the overall mine site from the mobility perspective. Specific reference can be drawn to their contributions towards better management of loading & unloading areas, haul roads and their layouts, dozing, grading and truck loading patterns. The tyre temperature system put in place and its reporting together with monthly reports on tyre management are great benefits to us.

In summary, Radials International provides us state of the art tyre management and we are very much delighted to take our relationship well into the future.